On Thursday 09/08/2023 – The Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Diponegoro (FEB Undip) received a visit from the Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Hasanuddin (FP Unhas) Makassar for a comparative study related to FIBAA International Accreditation (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation). The visit and meeting were conducted in Ruang Sidang Senat of FEB Undip.

The Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, the Head and Secretary of the Department and Head of Study Program from FEB Undip welcomed the Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Hassanudin Task Force Team consisting of lecturers and staff. This limited meeting was opened by Firmansyah, Ph.D as Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs by presenting the profile of FEB Undip. In his remarks, he expressed his welcome and gratitude for the visit of the Task Force team from FP Unhas to learn about FIBAA international accreditation at FEB Undip.

Moving on to the main part of the event, which involved discussions and exchanging insights about FIBAA accreditation, Muhammad Arsyad, the leader of the FP Unhas Task Force Team, outlined three key objectives for this visit. These objectives included understanding the process and execution of the assessor’s evaluation, as well as seeking advice on important considerations and preparations necessary for FIBAA international accreditation implementation.

During the visit, the FP Unhas team also had the chance to directly observe the facilities available at FEB Undip, which contribute to the accreditation process. Both institutions aim for FIBAA accreditation to enhance educational quality and bolster their global reputation.

This visit marks a positive stride in establishing collaboration between FEB Undip and Universitas Hasanuddin, aimed at enhancing the standard of education in Indonesia. Hopefully, this visit marks the inception of a more extensive and sustainable partnership between the two organizations, as they navigate challenges in the age of globalization.

Penyerahaan Cindera Mata antara Perwakilan FEB Undip dengan FP Unhas