Visual Identity

Symbol of Universitas Diponegoro

The Shape of Symbol

Symbol of Universitas Diponegoro is shown in the picture

The Content of Symbol

The content of Universitas Diponegoro symbol

Spirit of two principles, which are:

(1) Nature of the University and Diponegoro heroism.

(2) Jasmine flower as the symbol of University, Kris (Keris) and shadow (Siluet) of Prince Diponegoro as the symbol of Heroism.

Meaning of Symbol

The blooming Jasmine flower buds symbolize the nature of university, a place to add knowledge that is developing, where human can thrive, and is willing to practice knowledge for the community. The Jasmine flower buds is in the middle of 15 petals that have developed, and 2 petals means that Universitas Diponegoro was inaugurated on October15th, 1960. Keris with background of Prince Diponegoro’s shadow has the meaning of protecting and defending the Nation and homeland independence. The pentagon base symbolizes Pancasila as the foundation of the Republic of Indonesia and Universitas Diponegoro.