(19/11/2021) Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Diponegoro (FEB UNDIP) in order to support SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) to provide quality education for students carrying out Training & Certification Examination for Accounting Technician Qualification IV. This activity is intended for students and lecturers of the undergraduate accounting study program FEB UNDIP which is charged to the RKAT FEB Undip Budget.

TUK LSPTA FEB (Competency Test Place for Accounting Technician Professional Certification Institute) Undip has held 2 (two) Batch of Training and Certification Examination for Accounting Technician Qualification IV. In November 2021, the second batch held from the 13th – 21st November 2021 was attended by 43 students of the Accounting Study Program FEB UNDIP. The implementation of training activities is carried out in a hybrid manner, participants attend online and offline by paying attention to health protocols and certification exams are carried out offline.

The requirements for students to be able to take part in this training and certification exam are:

  1. Accounting Study Program Students and Lecturers
  2. For students who have passed the following courses: Introduction to Accounting 1 and 2, Intermediate Financial Accounting 1 and 2, Practicum Introduction to Accounting and Practicum in Financial Accounting
  3. Show vaccine certificates when attending training and certification exams.

With the holding of training and certification exams, it is hoped that graduates will be able to equip students with skills as accounting technicians so that in the future they will contribute and be able to compete in the world of work.