The inauguration of the Professor in the Department of Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Diponegoro, Prof. Dr. Harjum Muharam, S.E., M.E., was held on Tuesday (5/09). The event conducted offline at the Prof. Soedarto Building, SH. Universitas Diponegoro, and was broadcast live through the Undip TV Official YouTube channel. With this, Prof. Harjum Muharam officially became one of the 19 active professors at FEB Undip. Before being appointed as a Professor, Prof. Harjum Muharam had completed his undergraduate studies at the FEB UGM Management study program, a Master of Management at FE UI and a Doctoral degree at FEB Undip.

In the inaugural event, Prof. Harjum Muharam delivered an inaugural speech entitled “Integrasi Pasar Modal Dunia, Efisiensi Pembiayaan Perusahaan Dan Negara, Serta Kesejahteraan Investor.” He chose the title because the capital market has an important role in economic development and the business cycle in an economy. The Indonesian Capital Market is important for companies, governments, and investors. Although it has been integrated with the global capital market, the level of integration is still weak. At the end of his speech, Prof. Harjum Muharam explained the factors that affect the credibility of the Capital Market in Indonesia.

“The credibility of the capital market in Indonesia is influenced by various factors, including the legal and regulatory framework, financial development, property rights protection, market integration, and political stability. Efforts to strengthen these factors are critical to enhance market credibility, attract investment, and drive economic growth. Reforms and continuous improvements to market infrastructure, investor protection, and regulatory enforcement are needed to further enhance the credibility of Indonesia’s capital market”.