On Friday, March 11, 2016, Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Diponegoro (FEB Undip) held a seminar named as Entrepreneurship Seminar: Business Innovation and Future Business Opportunity. This seminar was one of series of events held in celebrating 56th Dies Natalis FEB Undip. It was held in the Hall Room of C Building.

In the opening speech, Dean of FEB Undip wished this seminar would trigger the entreprenurial sense of all participants and students. The seminar, which was moderatored by Dra. Rini Nugraheni, MM. (Lecturer of Management Department FEB Undip), invited Novitania Mundayati (Owner of “House of Moo”, Semarang), Dr. Bambang WHEP (Lecturer of FPP Undip), and Sigit Pramono (Chairman of PERBANAS, Chairman of Alumni Entrepreneur Forum) as speakers.

First speaker, Novitania Mundayanti, told about her story in starting up House of Moo. Novita underlined that Product Innovation, Place, Employees, and Managment are key factors in business survival. Her striving and never-give-up attitude allow her business to keep growing.

In the second session, Bambang WHEP gave tips and tricks to be more sensitive in seeking business opportunity by making self-potential judgment through SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). Moreover, Bambang also told the important thing to do in starting up business: dare to start, start simple, confident, analysis/calculation, clear plan and vision, never give up, optimist, sure and responsible.

In the last session, Sigit Pramono told that he now focused on Socio Entrepreneur. He implemented the idea of Socio Entrepreneur by presenting Bromo tourism not only as a place to enjoy sunset but also as a fun place with Jazz Gunung. This would make tourists stay for longer time and in return, make more transactions which will benefit local residents. The alumni of FEB 1983 later said that emerging and new entrepreneurs are needed in order to support Indonesia’s development.