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Semarang, 24 July 2023 – Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Diponegoro has successfully conducted the fourth Summer Course Program: Economics and Business International Camp and Courses for Sustainability 2023 (EBICCS 2023) with the theme of “Toward Sustainable Development: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis in Business and Accounting.” This Summer Course Program has been participated by 300 participants from various academic and professional backgrounds, including students from 17 countries.

Opening Ceremony

EBICCS 2023 that has been conducted online from July 24 to August 11, 2023, offers a wide variety of interesting courses with speakers from various renowned universities abroad, such as Curtin University Australia, University of Portsmouth UK, Saxion University Netherlands, etc.

The goal of the program is to spread awareness and knowledge about sustainable development and inspire participants to contribute to creating a more sustainable world.

In the opening session, the participants were welcomed by the Dean of FEB Undip, Prof. Suharnomo, stating that “Innovation as a key driver of world progress, now coupled with the arrival of AI and Big Data, brings unprecedented opportunities. These amazing technologies have the potential to revolutionize various sectors of life. Let us together listen attentively to the views of the distinguished speakers who will be present, as through this program we can fully optimize the true potential of AI and Big Data for sustainable development.”

First Day of EBICCS 2023

The first day of the summer course was presented by Dr. Lanita Winata from Griffith University Australia, who discussed Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). In her presentation, she emphasized the importance of sustainability programs in life and their impact on the environment, society, and governance.

“It is important to always remember the three principles of reuse, recycle and reduce. By implementing these three practices, we can reduce the demand for new products, turn waste into valuable resources through reuse, and reduce the wise use of resources through reduce. Through the application of these principles, we can create a sustainable cycle that is friendly to the environment.”

This program confirms the commitment of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Diponegoro to be a pioneer in spreading awareness about sustainable development and inspiring participants to play an active role in creating positive change. Hopefully, this event will be a meaningful first step in achieving our common goal towards a more sustainable world.