The faculty of economics and business, Diponegoro University (FEB Undip) held a BNSP-certified public speaking training for administration staff (Tendik). Public speaking skills and communication techniques are helpful for FEB Undip staff. Public speaking and communication techniques are beneficial in conveying information to the academic community to increase competence, build effective communication, and foster self-confidence.

The public speaking training is held from Thursday, 9 to 11 February 2023, at the KWU building, 1st floor. The public speaking training will be held for three days with a different agenda each day. The Training agenda on the first day is about public speaking material by trainer Dutasukses, followed by pre-assessment activities on the second day by the assessor team. On the last day, the assessor team carried out a competency test for all participants in the training activities. Gratefully, all participants were successfully recommended as competent by the assessor.

This training shows that FEB Undip continues to be committed to improving the competence of administration staff in their field. Academic/non-academic career development and professional certification for administrative staff are carried out in accordance with the vision, mission, and objectives of FEB Undip so that faculty leaders encourage certification activities for administrative staff within FEB Undip.