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BRI, together with the Faculty of Economics and Business, Diponegoro University, and the Undip KKIB Business Incubator, have again implemented Desa Brilian 2022 Program Batch ke 2 on Monday 25 July 2022 virtually. This year’s implementation of Desa Brilian Bank BRI has been implemented twice where each batch of implementation is followed by 350 villages throughout Indonesia.  So far the program “Desa BRILIAN” have been participated in by 1,532 villages’ active initiatives and is committed to progressing through existing programs.

Program Desa Brilian is one of the village empowerment programs initiated by Bank BRI as a form of BRI’s commitment in developing villages because of the importance of the equitable distribution of human resources development. According to the Building Village Index (IDM) year 2021, from a total of 73.814 Villages in Indonesia, only about 30% of villages are in the advanced and independent category so they need support from various parties including State-owned Enterprise (BUMN) that also include BRI and also academics, in this case, the University.

According to Dani Wildan, Head of Social Division and Entrepreneurship & Incubation Bank BRI “As a bank that focuses on SMEs, Bank BRI does not only carry out the Financial Intermediary function but also active in initiating empowerment activities for both community individuals and village institutions. Program Desa BRILIAN is a village incubation program that aims to produce role models in village development, through the implementation of superior village leadership practices and the spirit of collaboration to optimize the potential of the village based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Villages that are members of the program “Desa BRILIAN” is expected to be a source of inspiration for village progress that can be replicated to other villages 

For that reasons, Dani explains more about the program of Desa Brilian urge Village Apparatus (especially Village Head), Bumdes organizer (especially Director of BUMDes), Village Consultative Body, Village Business Actors, and Activist of Leading Products in Rural Areas (Prukades) to increase their capacity in Empowerment and Desa Brilian activities.  Desa BRIlian  itself focuses on developing 4 important aspects in the village, namely: BUMDES as the wheel of the village economy; Digitalization, implementation of digital products and activities in the village, Sustainability, resilience, and sustainable in developing villages; Innovation, creative in creating village innovation.

Diponegoro University as an educational institution that implements the tri-dharma seat of learning one of which is community service. In his speech, Prof Suharnomo, SE, MSi, said that Village Progress is not only seen from the factor of mastering technology but how can each collaborate in carrying out its functions and roles in developing the village. Desa Brilian becomes one of the Gates in building the Village.

The Ministry of Villages of the Republic of Indonesia PDTT also strongly supports the implementation of Desa Brilian as stated by Ir. Harlina Sulistyorini, M.Si, Director General of Village Economic Development and Investment, Disadvantaged Areas and Transmigration that “Villages must be empowered in carrying out their authority, focus on solving problems that hinder the achievement of village independence so that there is an acceleration of improving the welfare of the village community, Program Desa Brilian from Bank BRI really helps the government, in Excellent and Collaborative Village Development in Improving the Village Economy in Excellent and Collaborative Village Development in Improving the Village Economy”.