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Faculty of Economics and Business Diponegoro University held a graduation ceremony event on Thursday, August 8th, 2019 at Patra Jasa Hotel, Semarang was attended by a bachelor’s level and Diploma III. In the event of ceremony in the 155 period in August 2019 Faculty of Economics and Business Diponegoro University has approved as many as 578 graduates, consisting of 174 graduates of Strata Level 1 and 404 in the Diploma III. Of the 578 graduates with the best of the fondness of the following: the study Program S1 management: Angelita Dianingpuri with GPA 3.98, study Program S1 Economics: Jane Natasha Girsang with IPK 3.81, Program study S1 accounting: Maria Widi Hapsari with GPA 3.94. From the Diploma III Program that received the best of the competition, among others: D III accounting Fretiya Noor Far’amana with GPA 3.98, from D III management company, Dian Anggeraini with GPA 3.95, and from DIII taxation, Khaulatussalma with GPA 3.93.