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One more step to join Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Diponegoro. After deciding on the degree and field of study, be it associate, undergraduate, professional, postgraduate, or doctoral program according to your study interest and career plan, it is time to enroll and take Universitas Diponegoro student admission selection. Admission requirements and procedures may vary based on each academic degree and study programs. Please register by pressing the button below.

Bachelor Program

Undergraduate Study Program (Bachelor) of the Faculty of Economics and Business is directed to produce graduates who have high personality integrity as graduates of Economics and Business. Students are later expected to be able to become human beings who can develop themselves and are collectively responsible for the National development.

Doctoral Program

The Doctoral Program in Economics (PDIE) is a doctoral program in Economics/ Management/ Accounting designed to produce graduates who are able to play an active role in formulating and solving economic/ management/ accounting issues with theoretical and empirical studies through the development of research based on interdisciplinary to produce creative, innovative, and original work that has national/ international recognition.

Master Program

The Master Program in Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Diponegoro consists of Master of Management Study Program, Master of Accounting Study Program, and Master of Economics Study Program. This program aims to produce graduates who are professional, competent in economics and business, independent, and able to compete globally.

Professional Program

Accounting Professional Education (PPA) aims to produce graduates who have accounting competencies and master professional skills in the accounting field. The Accounting Professional Education (PPA) program is accredited A.

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