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Semarang (28/9) – Diponegoro University (Undip) is ranked 18th in university ranking sites in Indonesia according to webometrics in 2022. Webometrics is not a ranking presentation of university websites in the world, but webometrics uses web matrix indicators, which include all missions recorded on the web and bibliometrics related to research missions. The strategy that Undip can take to rank next year is to increase the quantity and quality of the website.

In line with the university’s mission, the Undip Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) from 28 September to 4 October 2022 held outreach and assistance to strengthen the understanding and insight of FEB employees regarding website standardization guidelines. In practice, on the first day, the participants better understand the guidelines for website standardization. Meanwhile, mentoring and repairing of websites and their respective study programs were carried out.

Not only that, non-technical monitoring as of September 2022 is also carried out, this is certainly useful and can be used as evaluation material in the future. Monitoring includes domain names, content updates, and website content.