The International Undergraduate Program of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Diponegoro University (IUP FEB Undip) requires students to take part in international exposure activities, one of the program is double degree (DD) program. This program is a two-degree program, where students will complete lectures at Undip and also partner universities abroad. This year is the first year that IUP FEB Undip will send students to take the DD program to Saxion University in the Netherlands and Curtin University in Australia.

On Monday 24 June 2019, the Dean of FEB Undip released 14 IUP FEB Undip students to take part in the DD program to the Netherlands and Australia. A total of 9 students consisting of 5 Accounting Program students and 4 International Business Program IUP FEB Undip students will complete their studies at Saxion University in the Netherlands for approximately 2 to 3 semesters. Meanwhile, 5 students consisting of 3 students from the International Business program and 2 students from the Accounting Program IUP FEB Undip will study at Curtin University for 3 semesters and will return to Undip for 1 semester to complete their studies.

In the discharge of these students, the Dean of FEB Undip, Dr. Suharnomo, SE, MSi accompanied by the Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs Prof. Anis Chariri, SE, M.Com, PhD, Akt. And also the Vice Dean for Communication and Business Dra. Amie Kusumawardhani, MSc., PhD. The Dean of FEB Undip said that students should not let go of this golden opportunity to join the DD program by relaxing and not taking their studies seriously. Mrs. Amie Kusumawardhani added that during the lecture process abroad, students must always obey the existing rules and don’t hesitate to convey the problems they face to the relevant parties in order to make the study process smooth. While Prof. Anis Chariri, SE, M.Com, PhD, Akt urges students to always take part in activities and workshops organized for international students. This is intended so that students get material that can increase the ease of study and increase friendship among international students.

On this occasion, the Dean of FEB Undip hopes that students can be successful in completing their studies and get the best results so that they can become examples for the next generations. Hopefully the DD IUP FEB Undip program can run smoothly and become a successful pilot project for the future.