Hey Explorer, A Blockchain Challenge? Didn’t you do that last year as well? Well, yes we did. And given its success, we’re doing it again! 😉 All you need to do is turn up with an empty suitcase, and we’ll make sure you’ll leave us with new friendships, stories and a clear idea of where a decentralized world can take you.

The Saxion Blockchain Challenge is a 2.5 days online event, surrounding one of today’s hottest technologies, blockchain, which got even hotter this year with all the buzz around Decentralized Finance and Bitcoin’s new all-time highs. But that’s not what we are about! We want to focus on practical use cases around the following topics:

The Future of Deep Fakes
Fair Food
Plastic Pollution
Follow the Product

By joining the Challenge, you and fellow travelers will meet and work on a real world solution to one of these above topics in a relaxed and fun setting. Meanwhile you will get to know a decentralized world. A world where trust (‘fiducia’) is replaced with ‘trustless’. A place where central parties like internet providers, social media conglomerates or banks are replaced with trustless blockchain systems. Get ready for a decentralized world!
The solution you work on involves around a blockchain based business model and/or develop a working proof of concept. And all this revolves around a competition between teams of participants.

Want to join as a team? You can. Want to join individually? Also fine – we’ll set you up with a team!
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The Challenge takes place online on the 4th (Thursday) and 5th (Friday morning) of February. We will also have an introduction day where you get to meet the teams, assignments and learn about the basics of blockchain on the 22nd (Friday) of January. During the Challenge, you will develop a blockchain business model. No programming background is required. If you are a software programmer, you can additionally develop a working proof of concept. In this way, we create different competitions so that everyone has a fair shot at the prizes!

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We provide assignment sponsors, team coaches and blockchain experts that will hand you the necessary knowledge to create the blockchain business models. Any prior knowledge is therefore not necessary. Curiosity is all you need!

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Our goal is to enthuse students and companies to learn the decentralized world. Let us provide the fun and relaxed environment in which you can focus on getting to know blockchain and new people. We strive for diversity of participants, and invite anyone from any background, education and gender (girls, sign up!), skills to join us! In this light, we’re also happy to have international students participating. Our communication is therefore in English. You are of course also free to enroll as a team from your own country!
For more information about the Challenge: https://bit.ly/SaxionBlockchainWeek2021

Where do I book?

Do you want to embark on this voyage? Enroll here: https://bit.ly/SaxionBlockchainChallengeRegistration before 3rd of January 2021. What are you waiting for!
Don’t want to join, but might know others who would? Well, thank you for giving them the heads-up!
There are no costs involved in the trip.

See you at the Blockchain Challenge!

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