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Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision :

“In 2020, the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Diponegoro becomes one of the leading Faculties of Economics and Business in the implementation of Tri Dharma (Three Universities Dedication) at both national and international level as well as  embeded in the community environment”

Missions :

To realise its vision, Faculty of Economics and Business sets the following missions:

  1. Organizing academic and professional education in economics and Business  which produces religious, independent graduates that put Pancasila into practice, open minded with sophisticated science and technology, and having ability to compete globally.
  2. Producing excellent researches that are responsive to the dynamic environment, able to spur changes in science and technology for the benefits of society.
  3. Organizing community service programs based on economics and business science and technology as well as local wisdom.
  4. Being a responsive faculty and an agent of change in science and technology.
  5. Being a science and technology development agencies in the field of economics and business especially in the social environment.
  6. Promoting the establishment of good university governance

Goals :

Based on the vision and mission, the goals of the Faculty of Economics and Business of Diponegoro University are as follows:

  1. To produce professional, independent and competent graduates in economics and Business who are able to access global competition.
  2. To conduct research projects  and community service in accordance with the development of science and technology that can improve the image of the Faculty of Economics and Business in the view of stakeholders, both nationally and internationally.
  3. To develop the academic community life that has soul entrepreunership on all citizens of the campus, supported by a scientific culture that is faithful and devoted to God Almighty.
  4. To develop academic programs such as post-graduate programs to enhance the professionalism, capability, and accountability by following the development of science and technology in governance and the independence of college administration.